Hiya, welcome to my personal website.
Here you can find links to my projects, what I am currently working on, and other miscellaneous information.

about me

My name is Gavin Su and I'm 23 years old, I enjoy tinkering with computers and Linux.

contact and social media

If you would like to contact me for whatever reason, you can do so via my email


You can find almost everything that involves code I've been working on in my own time by visiting my GitHub account isgavinhere but below you can find some of the projects that have some significance to me (and maybe you).

Timezone PIU Freestyle Competition - I designed the poster for a freestyle dance competition on Pump It Up Prime 2 2018 for Timezone.

iodoiodon - This is a simple rock, paper, scissors (roshambo) bot I created that uses a markov chain to try to predict the players next move.

lolAPIparser - I made this to fool around with the API provided by Riot Games for their game League of Legends, it's a bit outdated now since they have updated their maps and queues so I will need to revisit this to add those in some time in the near future.

tinyFlatWhite - This is a theme for Mozilla Firefox using the user style manager Stylish, it is modified from a theme created by someone else linked on my GitHub.

wireBird - In my attempt to learn Android development I followed a tutorial to create a flappy bird clone while replacing the art and sounds with those created by me.

about the site

I designed this website to be as bare as possible because I've noticed that so many websites nowadays are so bloated that even web browsers on high end computers hang trying to load on that javascript.
You can find the source to this website on GitHub by clicking here.